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Rogan Bosh!

by Henry Firth & Ian Theasby from BOSH! Simple Recipes, Amazing Food, All Plants (HQ, Harper Collins)

Photography: Lizzie Mayson

This is our take on a Kashmiri speciality curry. It's red, rustic and spicy. We've used our favourite vegetable - aubergine - and coconut yoghurt to give the creamy texture, but you could use different veggies if you prefer. Serve with Naan and rice or on its own for a lighter dish.

If you're looking for a classic curry recipe, and a delicious vegan Indian dish idea, this plant based Rogan josh recipe is a sure fire win to a fantastic curry night!

Serves 2-4


4 garlic cloves

4cm fresh ginger

3 red chillies

1 tbsp tomato purée

60ml water

1 large aubergine

3 tbsp vegetable oil

4 green cardamom pods

1 onion

6 black peppercorns

1 bay leaf

1.5cm cinnamon stick

1 tsp sugar

1 tsp ground cumin

2 tsp ground coriander

100g coconut yoghurt

large pinch garam masala

handful fresh coriander, to serve

handful desiccated coconut flakes, to serve


Equipment: Liquidiser | Large frying pan on medium-high heat | Large saucepan with lid.


1. Peel the garlic and ginger and put them into the liquidiser. Rip the stems from 2 of the chillies, removing the seeds if you prefer a milder sauce, and add them to the liquidiser. Add the tomato purée and 60ml water and blend to a smooth paste (add more water if needed)

2. Trim the aubergine and cut it into 1 x 3cm chunks. Add 2 tablespoons of the oil to the large frying pan and add the aubergine. Cook for about 10–15 minutes, turning regularly, until well browned on each side.

3. While the aubergine is cooking, put the cardamom pods in a mortar and pestle and bash them to release the seeds (or use the end of a rolling pin). Discard the shells. Peel and finely chop the onion.

4. When the aubergine is browned, tip it on to a plate and set aside. Add the remaining oil to the pan along with the cardamom, peppercorns, bay leaf and cinnamon and fry for 2 minutes. Add the chopped onion and sugar. Reduce the heat to medium and sauté for about 10–15 minutes, stirring the onions until they’ve softened (add a splash more oil to the pan if the onions begin to stick)

5. Add the ginger paste from the liquidiser to the saucepan. Add the ground cumin and coriander and mix everything together well. Put the pan on a medium-high heat and fry for 5 minutes, stirring regularly. Add the aubergine cubes and stir well. Add the coconut yoghurt and stir it in (if it’s too thick, add a little water to loosen – you want a thick, gravy-like consistency). Cover with the lid and cook for 5 minutes

6. Rip the stem from the remaining chilli, cut it in half lengthways and remove the seeds if you prefer a milder flavour, then slice finely. Taste the curry and season with salt or garam masala as necessary. Serve up on to bowls or plates, sprinkled with a little fresh coriander, desiccated coconut flakes and the finely sliced chilli.

Perfectly Boiled Rice

Humans have been thriving on rice for centuries. Here we’ll show you an awesome way to cook it, taught to Henry by his father, that will ensure your rice is perfect every time.

You could add a knob of peeled ginger, a slice of lemon or a jasmine teabag for a flavoured rice. It’s super simple. Just remember to double the quantity of water to rice. Lid on, lowest heat, 12 minutes. BOSH! Works every time.

Serves 1-2

½ mug basmati rice (about 100g)

1 mug water (about 300ml)


Medium pan with a tight-fitting lid on a high heat | Kettle boiled.


Rinse the rice under cold running water. Drain and transfer to the pan. Add the mug of freshly boiled water and a large pinch of salt. Put the lid on and bring to the boil. Give one stir with a spoon and immediately reduce the heat to the lowest setting. Put the lid back on and cook for 12 minutes. Don’t touch the rice until the time is up

After the timer has gone off, take the pan off the heat.

Basic Naan Bread

Makes 4 large naan breads

For the Basic Naan Dough

1 x 7g sachet dried yeast

220ml warm water

2 tbsp sugar

6 tbsp plant-based milk

2 tsp salt

400g strong white bread flour,

plus extra for dusting

1–2 tbsp vegetable oil


Large mixing bowl | Stand mixer fitted with the dough hook, or dust

a clean work surface liberally with flour | Large frying pan | Rolling pin

or a clean, dry wine bottle | Pastry brush

Put the yeast and warm water into the mixing bowl and stir to combine.

Set aside for 10–15 minutes until the mixture has started to froth.

Once the yeast has activated, add the sugar, plant-based milk, salt and flour. Stir with a wooden spoon and bring it together to form a soft and sticky dough. Transfer the dough to the stand mixer, if using, and knead for 6 minutes, otherwise tip it on to the floured work surface, dust your hands with more flour and knead for 10–12 minutes by pushing the back half of the dough away with the heel of one hand, folding it back over the dough, giving it a quarter turn and repeating.

Clean and dry the mixing bowl and grease the inside with a little vegetable oil. Place the dough in the bowl, cover it loosely with cling film or a plastic bag and leave it in a warm spot for 60–90 minutes, or until it’s doubled in size.

Pour 1 tablespoon vegetable oil into the large frying pan and place it on a medium heat.

Once the dough has doubled in size, knock out the air by punching it in the bowl and then knead for another 1–2 minutes. Dust the work surface with at least 6 tablespoons of flour. Turn out the dough and coat it in the flour so that it’s no longer sticky. Roll the dough into a ball and use a sharp knife to divide it in half and then half again, so that you have 4 equal balls of dough weighing about 170g each. Roll each ball in flour again to prevent sticking.

Dust the rolling pin or wine bottle with more flour and roll out the balls of dough to form rough teardrop shapes.

One by one, fry the naans for 5 minutes, turning them over halfway through, until golden and slightly charred on both sides (if they puff up during cooking, flatten them down firmly with a spatula to ensure they cook through). Remove the naans from the pan.

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