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Elderflower, Cucumber and Gin Granita

From delicious. magazine

Recipe and food styling Lizzie Kamenetzky

This easy-to-make dessert recipe for elderflower, cucumber and gin granita makes a great grown-up sweet course for a dinner party.

Makes 10 small bowls

Takes 10 minutes to make, plus freezing


1 large cucumber, cut into quarters

150ml elderflower cordial (see tip)

100ml gin

500g ice cubes


Freeze the cucumber pieces for about 4 hours until solid. Put in a powerful food processor or blender with the rest of the ingredients and whizz until you have a crushed granita-style ice. Serve immediately in bowls straight from the freezer.


Tip: If you have a juicy lemon in the kitchen, feel free to squeeze in the juice, or throw a shredded bunch of fresh mint into the mix – experiment with other flavours.

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