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Cauliflower Winter Curry

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

by Keith Abel from The Abel & Cole Cookbook: Cooking Outside the Box (Harper Collins)

This is a great winter curry that you can have fun experimenting with. The potatoes & parsnip can be exchanged for different root vegetables or squashes. Try throwing in some chard or other green leafy goodness a couple of minutes before the end. Like all curries this is even better the day after you’ve cooked it – those who eat their leftover take-outs for breakfast the next day know what they’re doing!

Serves 6-8


2 knobs of butter

2 garlic cloves, peeled & minced

5cm (2in) piece of ginger, grated

1-2 chillies, minced

2 tsp ground cumin

1 tsp ground coriander

1 tsp ground turmeric

2 tins tomatoes, chopped

1 mug (350ml) of vegetable stock or water

1 tbsp tamarind concentrate/paste (optional)

1 head cauliflower, cut into bite-size chunks

2 potatoes, peeled & cubed

1 parsnip, peeled & cubed

1 mug (350ml) of cooked chickpeas (or a 400g tin of them, drained)

Juice of ½ lime

1 mug (350ml) of natural yoghurt

1 small bunch of fresh mint, chopped, or 2 tsp dried

1 small bunch of fresh coriander, chopped, or 2 tsp dried

Salt & freshly ground black pepper


Melt the butter in a large pot/pan over a medium heat & add the garlic, ginger & chillies. Sauté briefly, then add the cumin, coriander & turmeric & give the mixture a couple of stirs.

Add the tomatoes & stock to the pot & bring to a simmer.

Dissolve the tamarind concentrate in a tablespoon or two of hot water & add to the pot.

Next stir in the vegetables & chickpeas.

Cover & simmer for 15 mins, until the veggies are tender.

Remove from the heat & stir in the lime, yoghurt & fresh herbs.

Season with salt & pepper to taste.

Serve on a bed of basmati rice.

Winter curry tastes delicious with chutney & toasted cashews on the side.

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