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Taste The Stories

Nigel wants to hear about your choice of beloved cookbooks and why you hold them in such esteem. Nominate your treasured cookbook, at #NigelBCookBookCorner share it on Instagram. Tell Nigel your favourite recipe from it and why the cook book is so special to you. You might find your cook book and you will be features on Scala Radio. 

Just as Video didn’t kill the radio star, online recipes have not rendered cookbooks obsolete, In fact, we are buying more cookbook's than ever and the online recipe phenomena has only made hard back cook books more unique, personal and sought after. The magical thing about cookbooks is once you've read them you get to taste the story. 


 In many ways cookbook's have become big, beautiful, interactive, story books paying homage to countries and heritage, chefs and restaurants, places or ingredients.

Which cookbooks do you love to cook from?  Which have your scribbles. food stains and cook's tips adorning the pages? Do you have a treasured cookbook that tells a family story? Share your cookbook love with Nigel here


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