Nigel Barden
Nigel Barden

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I'm Nigel B a food & drink journo & broadcaster & quite a disappointment as I’m pretty scrawny, which is doubly upsetting as I played rugby for 23 years & still find myself behind a mic commentating on matches for BBC Radio London! It would therefore appear I have over active parasites!

I’m an avid champion of artisan food & drink producers, primarily in the UK, & have been honoured to cook with the produce of many of them on Simon Mayo's Drivetime show on BBC Radio 2 & with Chris Evans, before Simon. During all of these 12 years & well before I’ve worked with Robert Elms on his BBC Radio London show & continue to do so.

And it’s now high time for me to crank up my website & let people know what I’m up to. So here goes...


'Nigel Barden's Drivetime Dishes' on Simply Good TV - see more info in 'Events'...



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